Platform for RENEWABLES

Our vision

The Platform for Renewables provides continous consultations and works continously toward the improvement of the conditions for the development of all renewables energy sources in the Czech Republic. In case of solar energy utilisation it continues to promote all types of installations including installations on so-called brownfields and on barren land.

The acitivites of the Platform are based on the following principles: transparency, continuity, expertise, top quality.

Renewable energy sources are the key to a decentralisation and self-reliance of the energy industry, to climate and consumer protection and to solving the issue of the energy supply in the 21st century. We do not make compromises. We want the Czech Republic to develop the utilisation of renewable energy sources in strict adherence to EU law.

We have the potential to be a leader in the field, at least in Central and Eastern Europe. Become a partner of the Platform and help us reach this goal.

Platform for RENEWABLES

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