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Here you can find legislative proposals currently in discussion by Government and Parliament which affect renewable energies, working documents of the Platform for Renewables, documents of the European Commission addressing the situation of renewable energies in the Czech Republic and at the bottom, a flyer of the Platform for Renewables.

Consolidated text of the Act on Supported Energies (in Czech)

2. 5. 2012 – Text of the Act adopted by Parliament on 31 January, 2012 and vetoed by President Klaus on 14 March, 2012. The text is facing a last vote in the Chamber of Deputies on 9 May, 2012. Download

Letter by Commissioner Oettinger to Czech Minister Kuba (not only) about the Proposal of an Act on Supported Energies

26. 12. 2011 – Download

DO NOT MISS: Whole-page ad by the Platform for Renewables in Hospodářské noviny 20.12.2011, p.7 on the proposed new Act

20. 12. 2011 – Download

Proposal of an Act on Supported Energies - Senate printed matter No. 252

14. 12. 2011 – Download

DO NOT MISS: European Commission threatens with infringement procedure against the Czech republic within two months because of grid access issues for RES-E!

2. 12. 2011 – Press release of the European Commission from 24.11.2011 – Renewable energy: French and Czech legislation still not in line with EU rules Download

Presentation by N. Winkelmann-Heyrovská on the proposed Act on Supported Energies at the conference Wind energy in the Czech Republic on 15 November, 2011 in Prague

18. 11. 2011 – Download

Another bank statement on the proposal of an Act on supported energies: VOLKSBANK CZ, a.s., Plzeň

14. 11. 2011 – Download

DO NOT MISS: Statement from a bank on the Government`s proposal of an Act on Supported Energies - Raiffeisen Energy & Environment GmbH, Vienna

23. 9. 2011 – Download

Proposed Act on Supported Energies - Printed matter No. 369/3 of the Chamber of Deputies

15. 9. 2011 – The current version of the proposed legislation, as adopted by the Economics Committee of the Chamber of Deputies on 8 September, 2011. Download

Appeal to save the Czech Republic`s Act No. 180/2005 Coll., on the Support of Renewable Energies


Signatories are kindly requested to send the text

Hereby I / we join the Appeal to save the Czech Republic`s Act on Renewable Energies. Name, seat (town, country)

to the e-mail address .

Thank you!

Here, you can download the Appeal with the current list of signatories as of 10 October, 2011

The Appeal has been joined so far by 555 Czech and foreign companies, 7 communities, 12 professional and civic associations and 187 natural persons:


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