Platform for RENEWABLES

Platform for Renewables

The Platform for Renewables was created in reaction to a growing legislative pressure facing the field of electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES).

There is a real threat that decentralised utilisation of RES will be suppressed in the Czech Republic. We are talking about a dynamic, future-oriented branch of the national economy which employs about 10,000 people, contributing to the growth of GDP and lowering the dependence of the Czech Republic on energy imports. The utilisation of RES as a tool for climate and environment protection is given priority support by legislation of the European Union.

The Platform for Renewables was created in order to promote a continous development of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic, in accordance with the policy of the European Union.

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Prag Talk Erneuerbare Energien - discussion at the Economics University Prague on 22 October 2012 at 6 p.m.

10. 10. 2012 – A discussion evening in German, organised by the Lions Club Prague Heraldic. Speakers are Hans Lang (EnBW Stuttgart) and Neela Winkelmann-Heyrovská (Platform for Renewables), host is Kilian Kirchgeßner. The invitation: Download

Power cuts, Solar set to reach price parity in five years, Prague Post 2.-8.5.2012, pp. A8, A11

3. 5. 2012 – Download

Consolidated text of the Act on Supported Energies (in Czech)

2. 5. 2012 – Text of the Act adopted by Parliament on 31 January, 2012 and vetoed by President Klaus on 14 March, 2012. The text is facing a last vote in the Chamber of Deputies on 9 May, 2012. Download

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